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If you might be interested in joining us, please take a look at our group guide for information about our values and my attitude toward research and mentorship.

Interested postdocs should inquire directly at ccoley@mit.edu with a CV and a brief statement of your research interests and background. Graduate students should apply directly to the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering (note: fee waivers are available through the Dean of Engineering). Undergraduate students looking for research opportunities for pay or credit can also email ccoley@mit.edu with their interests and any relevant coursework or research experience.

Low data retrosynthesis and reaction prediction with application to energetic materials. We are seeking a postdoctoral associate with background in cheminformatics, synthetic chemistry, or computational chemistry to work on a collaboration on the synthesis of energetic materials. This application requires addressing broader challenges in predictive chemistry, such as generalizing from small datasets, predicting site selectivity, and dealing with highly symmetric molecules. US citizens only.